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Transform your company culture with CorporateGood powerful employee volunteering software tailored for corporations that want to increase employee engagement, while doing good

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Employee Volunteering

Purpose-Driven Corporate Volunteering Software

Engage and retain your top performers with CorporateGood, a user-friendly employee volunteering platform designed specifically for corporations. Our intuitive system removes barriers to participation and increases automation, empowering employees to actively contribute to your organizational culture through meaningful volunteer work.

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Easily Promote Opportunities

Connecting your team with meaningful volunteer work doesn't have to be a chore. Our employee volunteerism simplifies the process, making it easy to match your employees with volunteer opportunities that resonate with their personal values and align with your company's social responsibility goals. Our intuitive interface allows you to seamlessly manage events, track participation, and celebrate the impact your company is making in the community. 

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Track Activities on Any Device

With CorporateGood, not only can your employees effortlessly sign up for volunteer opportunities, but they can also track their social good activities across any device. Whether they're on the go with a smartphone in hand, stationed at their desk with a laptop, or using a tablet from the comfort of their home, CorporateGood ensures that your organizations social impact initiatives are always at their fingertips.

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Access Real-Time Reporting

With CorporateGood, we take the complexity out of measuring program results through automated, real-time reporting capabilities. Effortlessly track the progress and outcomes of your corporate volunteer program. Our employee volunteer management software streamlines the data collection process and enables you to generate comprehensive, in-depth reports to share with leadership with just a few clicks.

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CorporateGood Features & Functionality

Create and Organize Groups in CorporateGood

Create & Organize Groups

Seamlessly create, segment, and manage unlimited employee groups to align with your organizations strategic social responsibility objectives. 

Corporate Branding in Corporate Good

Corporate Branding

Easily customize your CorporateGood instance to reflect your company's corporate identity with extensive branding and customization capabilities.

Link Opportunities in CorporateGood

Aggregate Opportunities

Aggregate and consolidate volunteering opportunities from multiple VolunteerHub sites and nonprofit organizations.

Report Hours in Corporate Good

Self-Reported Hours

Easily allow employees to self-report, track, and self-manage their volunteering hours from any employee volunteering initiative they're passionate about.

SSO in CorporateGood


With CorporateGood, single-sign-on (SSO) integration capabilities come out of the box to ensure seamless access and enhanced security measures.

CorporateGood Reporting

Automated Reporting

Create and automate in-depth, actionable, reports for upper management & advisory boards. Reports can be customized to align with your program goals.

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Download our Software Overview PDF

Download our software overview to learn more about CorporateGood and share information with decision-makers on your team.

Employee Volunteerism: A Win-Win for Your Community and Bottom Line

Employee Retention-1

Retain & Engage More of Your Top Performers

Elevate your workplace culture with employee volunteerism. By offering opportunities for your team to give back, you'll not only increase engagement and job satisfaction but also foster a stronger sense of loyalty, ultimately leading to higher retention rates.

Employee Retention

Provide Vital Support Within the Community

Empower your workforce to make a difference beyond the office walls. By integrating employee volunteerism into your business strategy, you're not just enhancing engagement and job satisfaction – you're nurturing a deeper connection within your community. 

Community Support

Enable Your Employees to Learn New Skills

By integrating volunteer opportunities into your employee development strategy, you're providing a platform for skill acquisition. Whether it's through hands-on projects, leadership roles, or collaboration with groups, your team will enhance their skills in real-world settings.

See our Software in Action

Empower, manage, and amplify your corporate volunteering efforts with CorporateGood. Our software simplifies the process of connecting your team with meaningful volunteer opportunities while providing automation to effectively manage them. Experience firsthand how CorporateGood enables companies not only to give back to their communities but also to foster a culture of engagement and purpose among employees.

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